Client Stories

Trip To Pumpkin Patch

I had a lot of fun at the pumpkin patch, and I enjoyed most of the activities that we’ve done like eating lettuce without using our hands, feeding the horse and the best part of the trip was eating marshmallows.By Nathan Aaron Baltazar, Grade 3, Marlborough
Friday October 23 was a Pro-D day and I was very excited. I was invited by The Burnaby Settlement Workers In Schools Program to go to a pumpkin patch with my grandpa! When we got there, a guy who works there named Jordan showed us around. There were pumpkins everywhere! We didn’t buy any pumpkins because the pumpkins were a little too expensive and a little too small. We visited the beehive at the back of the farm. Jordan pulled a board covered with honey out of the beehive and let us dab some honey to taste it. It was delicious! We also visited chickens, ducks, and a huge turkey! There were horses and sheep, too. We went to the farm market and ate lunch. Then Selina, one of the two leaders, said we were leaving. We walked to a lake and back. We went home, exhausted after the long journey. It was a happy and tiring experience! By Michael Liang, Grade 4, Nelson
Pumpkin Patch, was a nice trip to us in last Friday. After warm welcome by the farmer with Guitar, we saw a lovely and neat garden. There are many lovely animals, hens, ducks, dogs, especially one black horse who was very strong and big, I hope I would have the chance to ride on it, but seems it had too much energy that day and not safe for us to take this adventure. All right, there were still a lot of pumpkins waiting for us. Finally we chose two nice pumpkins to home, one for my best friend, Tibo, one for myself. Tibo is very glad on this gift and we happily cut the two Pumpkins into our Halloween Evils! You Can See these in below! Haha!…By Edric Shi, Grade 6, Marlborough