Client Stories

Thank You! From a Marlborough School family

cs_marl_granville_islandWe moved to Canada in May 2015 and met with our school’s settlement worker in June. We started to learn more about Canada, its daily life, education, culture and so on. Just as the saying goes” the right person has the right world”. I’d like to say, it feels so happy that we met our settlement worker right away. I can remember exactly how she shared with us her own experience, when we had questions. She was always professional, referred us to the right resources.  She supported us many times when we felt upset or discouraged by settlement difficulties. Her words cheered us up all the time. We never wanted to move out from Burnaby just because we had such a great support here. Our young son feels more comfortable in his new school because he knows you. Like all of our family he trusts you. That is the most important and beautiful memories of our first months living in Burnaby. Thank you to our SWIS and the Program for your hard work, support, and encouragement to our family and all new immigrants who come to live and study in Burnaby!

Steven Yuan, Marlborough Elementary