Client Stories

Field trip to Vancouver Maritime Museum and St. Roch

After meeting in Metrotown station, we hop on the SkytTrain and head towards downtown. This is the first time the families meet each other. We get down at Burrard station and take the bus to Kitsilano area where the museum is located. We walk for few minutes, and we finally arrive at our destination!

At first, we head to St. Roch. Everyone is so excited to see the first vessel to sail the Northwest Passage from west and explore its different compartments. We walk the decks and tour the interior cabins. We listen attentively to the history of the ship as being presented by one of the staff members at the museum.

Next, we head to the galleries. We come across a simulation game. The children take turns to play and use their wide imagination to save the day and rescue their ship from sharks attacks and icebergs. To make their experience even more authentic, the children put on various marine clothing items. Each of them assumes a role, and the story is created on the spot!

When our tour in the gallery comes to an end, we head towards the park. A great way to spend a sunny day! The children play, have a snack, feed the birds and ducks, and have a great time. It was heartwarming that the people who were strangers just earlier that day in the morning, have become now friends.