Client Stories

“Confident Parenting Workshop” at Chaffey-Burke Elementary

This is a series of 6 –week parenting workshops in Chinese.
Today , our topics are “How to teach sex or sexuality to our children?” and  “Digital Parenting “.

The group agreed that it is curial to start talking about sex education as a normal conversation with their children at their young age. So our children will learn how to protect themselves, and will seek for answers from the parents as a trusty resource.We also learned that there are , of course, positive things about technology but how to deal with the negatives while trying to teach and role model to our children good digital habits.

The group is aware now how dramatically the screen time has replaced the parent-child quality time. We brainstormed together what activities that parents and the children could enjoy together!

The group laughed and promised before leaving today, “ Yes, I will turn off my phone and ot be present with my children.”