Client Stories

Client Stories At Morley Elementary

cs_morleyMy Story –┬áIn 2008 our family had a great opportunity to meet a settlement worker at Morley elementary school where our children became students shortly after we immigrated to Canada. Their new school was very welcoming: great staff, good teachers. The SWIS worker showed us the school and introduced to the teachers. We – like every new immigrant family – had our own needs, such us adjusting to the new society, improving our English, going through re-education, finding jobs. My main goal was to become a certified dental assistant recognized by Canada and I wanted to get my license ASAP. The process of certification/licensing was quite complicated because of all the steps – paperwork, evaluation, assessments, examinations. I was confused from what to start first. Our SWIS worker helped me a lot with finding the right websites, with helpful information about my process of evaluation and my further steps. Also, we found out that some information on websites was not detailed or updated and we had to call so many places to be able to figure out the necessary things. SWIS did all that with me. She also supported us with referring my husband to the Arrive BC Program to be back on track with his profession. We could always count on our SWIS worker to get the right advice about school, programs or other resources, because she was not only our settlement worker we felt she was our friend who always inspired us with positive results. After five years in Canada both my husband and myself work in our professional fields, children are doing great at school. We are proud to call Canada our new home. We are very thankful to the SWIS Program and the school district for the support provided to us as new immigrants.