Cultural Awareness Project

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The Burnaby School District has applied for and received a grant from Vancouver Foundation/Fresh Voices for a Cultural Awareness Project. The project is being undertaken to look at ways the district can further develop a welcoming and inclusive learning environment for our immigrant and refugee students. Students and families will be working alongside Dr.Sarina Kot, a registered psychologist, who specializes in offering support programs for vulnerable youth. 

This project will assist teachers, administrators, student support staff and others in advancing their knowledge and understanding of cultural diversity and sensitivity.  A series of interactive presentations on the topic will be offered in a number of schools. These presentations will be based on the findings and materials developed in focus groups comprised of immigrant and refugee students, graduates and their families.  

Phase 1: Focus groups

Learning from the voices of students, graduates and parents about their experiences in our schools.

  • Experiences of inclusion
  • Experiences of isolation
  • Ideas for promoting inclusion
Phase 2: Presentations at schools

Topic areas:

  • Themes from the focus groups – student experiences and tips for enhancing inclusion in our schools
  • Implicit bias
  • Cultural-specific tips 

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